Pip and Biddy’s Relationship

After Mrs. Joe’s accident, Biddy came to stay with the Gargerys. She was primarily there to care for Mrs. Joe, while Pip and Joe were out in the forge working. Consequently, because Biddy was around the house more often, Pip began to notice changes in her. For example, he notices Biddy’s shoes came up at the heel, how her hair grew bright and neat, as well as the fact her hands always seemed clean. Then, one night, Pip noticed how beautiful and attentive Biddy’s eyes were, engaging them in a conversation of how she knew everything Pip learned. Still, Pip viewed Biddy as a common girl, not nearly as beautiful and uncommon as Estella.  In fact it was Estella who was causing Pip suffering, which he indeed confided in with Biddy, while on their walk through the marshes. As Pip told her, he wants to become a gentleman, unhappy and uncomfortable with his former life, all because of the beautiful girl at Miss Havisham’s. However, when Biddy asks Pip if he wants a gentleman’s life to win her over or just in spite of her, Pip realizes Biddy would be much easier to fall in love with, also confiding this with her. Whether or not Pip loves Biddy, is a whole different story, especially since he is in a conflict between his feelings for Estella and her.

(Kallan Christiansen)


~ by pinkster47 on April 30, 2008.

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